Bang Bao Pier

Just 2.7 km. from Hotel to Bang Bao Pier

Lonely Beach

Just 2.27 km. from Hotel to Lonely Beach

Klong Kloi Beach

Just 3 km from Hotel to Klong Kloi Beach

Yod Kao Lam Camping Point

Just 5.7 km. from Hotel to Yod Kao Lam Camping Point

Kiri Phet Waterfall

Just 6.5 km. from Hotel to Kiri Phet Waterfall

Koh Chang National Park

Just 7.8 km. from Hotel to Koh Chang National Park

Klong Plu Water Fall

Just 8.8 km. from hotel to Klong Plu Water Fall

Baan Salak Khok

Just 10.9 km. from hotel to Baan Salak Khok

Trat Airport

Just 31.9 km. from hotel to Trat Airport